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"I was working in the garden one afternoon moving plants and rocks when my back went out. That night took pills and got rest but I woke up having lower back pain. I thought I’d pushed my self to hard the prior day but when a couple days went by and the discomfort progressed to the point I couldn’t walk without feeling back pain, so I sought professional help. Thankfully Johanna was there to help me in my time of need. She changed my status of agony and pain into a state of well being with a massage session that was fantastic .It was her knowledge and know how of her craft that really astounded me, with her soothing touch she found knots and tight muscles I didn’t even know I had all tensed up. It was a great experience having her work her magic on me and help me out with my problems. It has been many days now and I still feel wonderful, thanks for everything and I would recommend anyone and everyone to treat them to a wonderful massage from Johanna."


- CJ 




"I have been going to Johanna for over a year for massage therapy. I am a half-marathon runner and therefore have stresses on my leg muscles. Johanna is very attentive, gentle but strong. A visit to Johanna will be good for anyone looking for stress-relief, and who does not need it these days?"
TL Lee
San Jose, CA


"I had been in a car accident and was receiving chiropractic treatment for my injury.  In addition, I received massages from Johanna to compliment the chiropractic treatments.  Johanna has a very therapeutic touch.  She was eager to provide just the right massage and intensity for the pain I was experiencing each day.  Johanna also provides a quiet and serene environment for her massages, complete with scented oils and lotions!  It is clear that Johanna enjoys her work as a massage therapist and has the patient’s best interest at heart.  Even though I have completed my treatment for the car accident injury, I plan to have a massage with Johanna to stay healthy and pain-free whenever I can."

- Karen H.


Johanna has been instrumental in healing my body and my soul. I have known Johanna for the past few years. In January 2009 my Mom passed over at the age of 64 with colorectal cancer. It was the most difficult time in my life. My husband recommended I see Johanna once a week for minor aches that were interfering with my ability to run. It seems my grief was stored deep into the muscle and tissues. I was in disbelief how this amazing woman was able to help my body work through the grief with deep tissue massage. Many times I left with an abundance of energy and always looked forward to seeing her weekly. Soon I was running at Rancho and able to sleep throughout the night. 

Johanna demonstrated excellent skills in deep massage. I raved about her so much that my in laws and husband have become her clients. I can't say enough about this amazing woman's compassion, professionalism, and her ability to work with a diverse clientele.
Rating: A+

- Karen D.

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